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Scripture Readings

The Word of God is a source of encouragement and consolation for the faithful of God. it is Jesus who speaks when the Scriptures are read in church. Even when we read these readings to ourselves privately we are invited to listen for the voice of the Lord of Life.

How many readings?

At every Catholic service, there is at least one reading from scripture. At the principal funeral service, there are usually two, (a Gospel reading: and a reading taken from elsewhere in the Old or New Testaments).

Who reads them?

The Gospel reading is read by the priest or deacon. The other Scripture reading(s) may be read by family members or friends. Please be sure to choose a reader who is able to read clearly and audibly, so that those present guests will be able to hear the reading you have chosen. (If you feel that family members or friends will not be able to read, then please let the priest know, and he will happily arrange for one of the regular parish readers to read the chosen readings at the funeral.