Parishioners were pleased to welcome the return of Canon Alan Sheridan as parish priest this week. This is his second spell as parish priest at the parish having left 10 years ago to be parish priest at St George’s in York.


This weekend marked his first weekend Mass for 10 years and during the Homily, he talked about how things were very different in the parish, with a new church building and new faces among the parishioners, but also very similar with the same vibrancy and mission to serve the community of Ingleby Barwick.


He reflected on the Gospel reading of Lazarus and challenged parishioners not to be like the Rich Man who walked on the other side of the road so he didn’t have to see those who are suffering and in need but to give of ourselves to helping those who need our support.

First Sunday Mass Canon Alan Sheridan

Canon Alan’s message to the parish and community is summed up in his message on the website.

Dear All,

I don’t think I should be saying welcome as you are welcoming me – again! It doesn’t feel like 10 years, well not to me anyway, though carrying the boxes in on Monday and Tuesday it felt like 50 years.

It has been great seeing faces I remember and a few new ones too. If i don’t remember your names immediately, forgive me.  I’m looking forward immensely getting to know people who are new to me and working with you all.

Everybody is very welcome in our parish, even if you haven’t been for ages,  haven’t a clue what to do, have never been in a Catholic Church – you get the picture – COME! You will be welcomed.

I’ll post more later but for now – great to be back!

And slightly differently in his Facebook post.

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