It was that time of the year again where a variety of acts came to St Therese and showed off their talent. The night was presented by Alex and Matthew, and alongside them were the judges – Mark, Sue and David.

The night started off with last year’s winner performing who got the crowd warmed up and there were a few clips from last year’s performances as well. A main feature in the night was a new twist, where the show went live to America to speak to Irene Lewis! Each act had been numbered randomly and Irene picked a number and the act with that number went through later in the night.

There was lots of amazing performances – Gabriele, Larisa, Father Pat and Matthew and Greg all sang for our audience and The Starlight Girls sang and danced. Ella Smith played her guitar and sang as well. Fake That also returned with a performance which got the audience up on their feet.

In the end the judges chose Gabriele and Ella to go through to the final and the winner of the twist was Matthew and Greg. All the finalists performed again and in the end it was Ella Smith who triumphed.

Thanks to the technical team – Jack, Joe and Alex and Matthew for making it such an amazing night which everyone enjoyed. St Therese really has got talent!

Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

We are all slowly getting used to tuning in to Mass Livestreams in order to keep in touch with our parish community and support our life in faith. One of the things that is absent when we tune in from home is the handy Mass Sheet. Some of us may have access to a...

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