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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

jesussendingoutToday in this Mass we celebrate our vocation to be apostles, heralds of the gospel in our world, in words and actions, channels of the peace and mercy which God gives to us through the risen Jesus Christ our Lord whose cross we bear.  As Paul reminds us in today’s second reading, our apostolate involves us in being assimilated to Jesus in the total reality of his life, death and resurrection.  While, as we receive Holy Communion, we receive Jesus into us as our food and drink, the means of new life, let us resolve to work to conform ourselves to him in all the details of our daily lives and so be collaborators in the new creation, preparing the final arrival of God’s kingdom.

First Reading (Is 66:10-14).  The anonymous prophet of the return from exile announces the Lord’s promise of peace and mercy to the poor.

Second Reading (Gal 6:14-18).  Paul succinctly defends his apostolate and summarises his view of the gospel, exhorting the Galatian faithful to lead the life of the new creation.

Gospel (Lk 10:1-12,17-20).  Jesus commissions more of his disciples to participate in his work of announcing the good news to the poor in words and actions.

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time