If you have attended Mass over the last couple of weeks you have probably been presented with a purple ribbon to wear presented on a piece of card. You were probably wondering how the ribbon came to be, well here is the story.

Our Parish is part of a Programme called ‘Crossing the Threshold’. This is a national programme aimed at evangelising to those who do not regularly attend Church to see if they would like to return to be active members of a Parish. After a series of meetings a group of parishioners were commissioned as Catechists in this role. As part of the initiatives that have been arranged in the Parish the idea of a purple ribbon to wear over the Lenten period was discussed.

Wearing the ribbon is an outward sign to others that you are observing the Lenten season and we hope it may be an opportunity for those who see you wearing the ribbon to ask it’s significance and gives you a chance to discuss with them your reasons for wearing the ribbon. We hope this will make conversations about faith easier. In many of his writings Pope Francis has talked about our responsibilities as Catholics for evangelisation and we hope this initiative will aid this part of our Catholic life.

In addition we are asking if you could write a prayer on the card that the ribbon was attached to and we will attach these to the Easter cross as Lent ends.

Please keep an eye open for future events in the newsletter and on the website.

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