On a lighter note; in an effort to keep our Parish community engaged during these trying times,  I am calling on all those technically gifted parishioners if they could perhaps come up with some ways of setting up a live online Parish event.

It would need to be something fairly simple such as a quiz or maybe even the countdown event we postponed. If Joe Wickes can do it I’m sure we can!

I thought having a Saturday evening event would be suitable for most of us and something to look forward to! So if anyone has any ideas PLEASE get in touch with me asap. I think we all need something to take our minds off this strange situation we find ourselves in and something that will keep our Parish spirits up!

Thank you

Read the May edition of the Catholic Voice

Read the May edition of the Catholic Voice

The May edition of the Catholic Voice newspaper is now available to pick up at the back of the church. There is also an online electronic edition which you can get to by clicking the image below. For the eagle-eyed among you you may have noticed a small article about...

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