For those of you who keep a detailed view of the Parish Newsletter or have visited the Diocesan website recently you will have noticed that Fr. Pats official title has changed from Rev. Pat Hartnett to Very Rev Patrick Hartnett, EV  Episcopal Vicar.

This reflects the new role that Fr. Pat was appointed to in January 2015. As part of his responsibilities as Episcopal Vicar for Liturgy and Spirituality Fr. Pat is chair of the Bishop’s Council for liturgy and spirituality. He organises the Readers and Eucharistic Ministers day and has a responsibility to keep in touch with all the Pastoral Centres in the Diocese. As Episcopal Vicar Fr. Pat is a member of a number of committees including The Bishops Council, the Art and Architecture Council, Evangelisation Council and the Historic Churches Committee.

It looks like Fr. Pat is going to be a busy priest, especially with the building of our Church which will be starting this year.

Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

We are all slowly getting used to tuning in to Mass Livestreams in order to keep in touch with our parish community and support our life in faith. One of the things that is absent when we tune in from home is the handy Mass Sheet. Some of us may have access to a...

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