We are looking to set up a women’s group targeting our over 50’s parishioners and would like to see how much interest there is.

We plan to meet once a month at the Church and take it from there. We will collectively set our own agenda for fundraising and get-togethers, coffee and cake and a natter.

Please approach either Sue Pott, Louise Fleming or Pat Randall at mass. Alternatively email Canon Alan through parish email address.

We would like to hear whether you are interested and on which evening and start time. Possibly 7 pm or 7.30 pm after Mass on a Friday.

Read the CARITAS Diocesan Newsletter

Read the CARITAS Diocesan Newsletter

This is the 2nd edition of our Diocesan Caritas newsletter, containing a wealth of articles about the various ways the Church’s Social Teaching (the work of “Caritas”) is being put into practice across our diocese, as well as some input on that Teaching. [3d-flip-book...

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