Preparations are under way for next year’s 1st Holy Communion. Any child who will be in year 4 of Primary school from September 2013 will be able to be part of the preparation group.

There will be a brief meeting for Parents after the 5:30pm & 11 am Masses over the week-end of 13th/14th July to outline the program and share dates etc.

Parents of children in St. Therese of Lisieux school will have received a form to complete. Please complete the form and hand it to Fr. Pat as soon as possible but

before the 19th July at the latest.
Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

Making the Most of Livestreamed Mass

We are all slowly getting used to tuning in to Mass Livestreams in order to keep in touch with our parish community and support our life in faith. One of the things that is absent when we tune in from home is the handy Mass Sheet. Some of us may have access to a...

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