CAFOD at St Therese of Lisieux

Our Parish works with CAFOD in the Diocese of Middlesbrough. Local people standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas to end poverty and injustice.

We must hold UK companies to account when they fail to prevent human rights and environmental abuses.

We’re calling on the UK government to introduce a new Business, Human Rights and Environment Act to hold business to account when it fails to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harm.

If we are to tackle the climate crisis and global poverty around the world, we must address the destruction linked to UK companies.

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Communities we work with around the world are experiencing inequalities and exploitation, and this is linked to the activities of UK companies. This includes:

  • worker exploitation
  • water pollution from industrial activity
  • large-scale deforestation
  • removing people from their land
  • the abuse and killing of human rights and environmental defenders who show resistance.  

We believe this abuse has to stop.

A small stream used for drinking, cooking and washing
Mining in Colombia

Why current laws aren’t enough

While the UK has made some progress in introducing legislation, such as the Modern Slavery Act which was passed in 2015 to ensure more transparency in supply chains, it’s clear that just requiring companies to be transparent isn’t enough to prevent abuse.

The Modern Slavery Act also doesn’t cover many of the impacts business activities have on the communities CAFOD works with, such as mass pollution and attacks on human rights defenders.

Our faith calls us to act

Pope Francis calls on us to strengthen national and international legislation to regulate the activities of companies and provide justice for the people they affect. More than 100 bishops worldwide have called for an end to corporate abuse.

That’s why we’re urging the UK government to introduce a new Business, Human Rights and Environment Act to hold business to account when it fails to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harm.

“Indigenous communities must be protected from companies, particularly multinational companies, that operate in less developed countries in ways they could never do at home, through the destructive extraction of fossil fuels, minerals, timber and agro-industrial products.”

Pope Francis’ message for the World Day of Prayer for Creation 2020

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This new law would make sure that companies act to prevent human rights and environmental abuses happening in the first place – by identifying and taking steps to address the risks to human rights and the environment that their activities pose. 

It doesn’t matter where in the world they operate – businesses based in the UK need to make absolutely sure that they are not putting people’s lives and our common home at risk, and they must be held accountable when they are.

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