Keeping a large building like a church in good working order and in a presentable condition is a hard job. Our church is no exception!

Even though it is a modern building there are always things that need doing to keep everything in good working order.

We are very grateful for the hard work and generosity of all those who currently give their time but we are asking for more volunteers.

We currently need another team of 3-4 church cleaners, this would help us maintain our rota of 5 teams and means you would only need to be on duty every 10 weeks.

We are also asking for people who are skilled in decorating, carpentry and plumbing as we have several jobs that need looking into urgently.

The church building belongs to all of us and it is our responsibility to look after the fixtures and fittings.

Please use the form below if you have noticed something within the church that is not working, broken or needs refurbishing. If you feel you would be able to help with any of the above such as church cleaning or other maintenance please also get in touch using the same form.

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