If you wish to have your child baptised you need to make contact with Canon Pat either after mass or use the information on our contacts page.. If for any reason you wish the baptism to take place in another parish, the permission of Canon Pat should be sought.

Baptisms are celebrated either during Mass on a Sunday morning or outside of mass on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Baptism is a community celebration and each ceremony may involve the Baptism of more than one child. The normal length of a baptism service is 25-40 minutes.

You will be expected to attend a preparation course before the baptism. This consists of 3 sessions led by Canon Pat and Parish Catechists. The sessions usually take place on a Saturday morning between 11am to 12pm every week for 3 weeks. You will receive a book that will help you get the most of out the course and will help you prepare for your child's baptism. We ask you to make a small donation of £5 to cover the cost of the course.

The course will help you to participate actively in the Baptism Ceremony and also allow you to reflect on your own faith and your thoughts for helping your child develop in their Catholic faith. The priest performing a baptism is obliged to make sure that there is a well-founded hope that your child will be brought up in the Catholic faith.

Baptism can only be administered when at least one parent is a Catholic. If the other parent is not a Catholic, they are under no obligation to assist in the Catholic upbringing of the child, though of course it can be a great help if they do!

You will be required to choose at least one godparent to assist in the Catholic upbringing of the child, but can have two if you wish. The godparent should normally be 16 or over and a practising Catholic who has been confirmed. Baptised Christians of other Churches can be witnesses in addition to the Catholic godparent.

Baptisms are recorded in a register kept in the parish Church, and you will be issued with a certificate which is a copy of this entry. You or your child can obtain a copy of this certificate at any subsequent time, but only by contacting the Church where the baptism took place: there is no central register of baptisms.

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